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We will travel to Drummond Castle Gardens and then over to the Library of  Innerpeffray as we head towards historic Crieff.

Drummond Castle is located in Perthshire. The castle is known for its gardens, described by Historic Environment Scotland as ‘the best example of formal terraced gardens in Scotland’. South of Crieff, the castle comprises a tower house built in the late 15th century and a 17th-century mansion, both of which were rebuilt in Victorian times. The gardens date to the 1630s. The gardens were abandoned after the Jacobite Risings but were restored early in the 19th century and then again in the 20th century.


Innerpeffray Library started in 1680 in the attic of St Mary’s Chapel, Church of the Blessed Virgin, or Innerpeffray Chapel as it became known later. The chapel is mentioned as early as 1365 and is linked to Lord John Drummond. The chapel may have started as a chantry. However, by 1542, it was referred to as a collegiate church that served the parish of Monzie. During the Scottish Reformation in the 16th century, the chapel was damaged considerably; the lands and endowments were passed to James Drummond, the first Lord Madertie. James married Jean, the daughter of Sir James Chisolm of Cromlix; however, James passed away in 1620.

In 1620, Innerpeffray Castle was built close to the chapel. After the Scottish Reformation, the chapel never again saw use as a place of worship but instead saw use as a mausoleum for the Drummond family.


Next, we stop at the Famous Grouse Whisky Distillery at the foot of Glenturret. 

The distillery was officially established in 1763 but had operated since 1717 under the control of illicit distillers who sought to avoid paying taxes to England. This early history has led to claims that Glenturret is the oldest distillery in Scotland, a title contested by other establishments such as Littlemill. Tickets to tour the Distillery can be purchased ahead of time or upon arrival. However, a tour cannot be guaranteed to those purchasing upon arrival.

We set off through the smooth rolling hills of glorious Perthshire, taking the back road of Monzie, making our way to the scenic Sma’ Glen and seeing the crisp running water of the River Almond.

Continuing on the A822 towards Amulree, a stunning place of peace and beauty, we will make a short stop where we will take in the scenic overview of the ancestral church at Amulree Strahbraan; the scenery there is magical and beautiful. The air is fresh and untouched; this is a place where nature has a real hold on the land.

The Amulree Parish Church contains copies of the records of the large number of people who lived in the area before mass emigration, mostly to North Easthope, Canada, in the early 19th century.As we continue our trip heading deep into the River Tayand stop at the tranquil village of Dunkeld, there is a fantastic opportunity to get some great fish and chips.